Income Potential & Business Opportunity

Income Potential Chart
  Value / ft. Daily Footage
(300 ft.)
% of Gross Value / ft. Daily Footage
(300 ft.)
% of Gross
Gross Revenue $3.50 $1,050 100% $3.75 $1,125 100%
Materials $0.30 $90 9% $0.30 $90 8%
Labor $0.90 $270 26% $0.90 $270 24%
Government Items $0.20 $60 6% $0.20 $0.20 5%
Gross Daily Profit
(before overhead)
$2.10 $630 60% $2.35 $705 63%

Financial Considerations

There are generally two questions that most investors and entrepreneurs ask themselves when they are looking at a new business.
  1. What does it take?
  2. What does it make?

On this page we will attempt to answer those questions based upon our experience and the experience of the other operators. Curbmate Corporation makes no prediction of earnings because they will vary depending upon your management, marketing, and operational skills.

What It Takes

If you decide to purchase the Curbmate machine, your financial outlay will be $5895 plus shipping. Included in this price is the 6" mower style slip form, plunger, 6" curb style slip form, and plunger. Additional slip forms, trowels, etc. are available at a nominal cost. Most purchasers also require a mortar mixer and a 16' trailer. We can help you purchase quality trailers and mixers separately or set you up with our " Turn-Key Equipment and Marketing Package." There are no royalties or ongoing fees required by Curbmate Corporation. Curbmate does provide additional services and equipment, as well as quality printed advertising material to be purchased and used at your discretion.

What It Makes

Curbmate Corporation has compiled data from operators across the country to help determine estimated expenditures. So that you can estimate your possible sales, expenditures, and profits, we encourage you to review the following financial assumptions.


  1. Number of linear feet per day: An experienced crew of two or three men can produce 250-500 feet of quality edging per day.
  2. Revenue per linear foot: The Curbmate product is generally sold by the foot with the average price ranging from $3.00 to $3.75 per foot.
  3. Materials: All that is required to produce curbing is mortar sand, cement and fiber. WE have found the cost to average $.30 per foot.
  4. Labor: (owner not included in labor crew)
    Foreman / Machine Operator $0.45 / ft.
    Laborer / Mixer Operator $9.00 / hr.
    Laborer / Finisher $9.00 / hr.
    Optional Laborer $9.00 / hr.
    Average Labor Cost $0.90 / ft.
  5. Government items: Average cost is $.20 per foot. (Included in this category are taxes, FICA, Worker's Compensation Insurance, Federal and State unemployment, etc.)
  6. Overhead Items: This is difficult to determine as they will vary depending upon your personal business management, marketing, and operational skills. These include such items as phone, secretary, advertising, tools, commissions, etc.

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